Hutto: History, Hippos and Hospitality
In the 1850s, southern cotton farmers and ranchers began moving to the Williamson county area. Within
a few years, just west of here, in Round Rock, longhorn steers were guided on cattle drives north on the
Chisholm Trail to rail lines in Kansas. In 1876, the rail lines reached this area and by the 1890s the small
towns of Hutto and Taylor boomed with the planting, picking and rail shipments as cotton dominated the
area economy.
In 1915, a circus train stopped in the area for water, and a hippopotamus escaped to wallow in the water
of nearby Cottonwood Creek. Rail workers telegraphed ahead to "HOLD THE TRAINS! HIPPO LOOSE IN
HUTTO" A few years later the local high school adopted the Hippos as their mascot. Hippo statues now
abound all around the town, to further commemorate our "Hippo Pride".
For many years this area along Highway 79 lingered as a sleepy small village while the nearby State Capitol
continued to grow and thrive. In recent years, Hutto has entered a period of great growth, due to the
easy commute to Austin and opening of State Highway 130. Hutto as a city has grown from a small town
with a population of 630 in 1900, to 1250 in 2000 and currently has become a dynamic and friendly
community fast approaching 30,000.
The Texan Cafe & Pie Shop
Our goal is to serve quality home-cooked meals like many folks remember from their travels on the old
U.S. Route 66 and the era of locally owned unique family diners. We are proud to serve "Real Food Made
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We believe some good food, a cool beverage and a delicious dessert bring comfort and a smile to even
the grumpiest of persons. So turn off the TV and computer and stop by for great food and some friendly
conversation. Try our fried green tomatoes, fried pickles, Cobb Salad or our award-winning chicken fried
steak. Save room for our signature hot Apple or Peach pie with Brandi sauce A la mode, served on a hot
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We hope you will enjoy your visit with us, so please stop in again and bring friends and family to enjoy our
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